3 Things a Preservation Truly Preserves

3 Things a Preservation Truly Preserves

A wedding gown preservation is more than a box for your gown. Learn 3 things a preservation actually preserves.

1.    The Integrity of Your Dress

Over time, dirt, grime, and sugar can degrade fabric. These substances not only cause dark spots and stains on your gown but can actually eat away at your dress, making the fabric extremely frail. Additionally, the dress will oxidize over time, yellowing and weaken the integrity of the fabric.

A proper preservation will and prevent your dress from oxidizing. The box is designed to allow the dress to breathe while preventing excess moisture and oxidation, Additionally, the box is made of an acid-free cardboard.

2.    The Sentimental Value of Your Heirloom

Preserving your gown will ensure that your dress will stay beautiful and strong for future generations. Your future children, nieces, nephews, or even friends can use your gown or veil (something borrowed?) for their wedding, saving money and adding even more sentimentality to your dress.

3.    Your Hard-Earned Money

Everyone likes saving money, right? A preservation doesn’t just save your dress for future generations but saves you your hard-earned money. Without this preventative measure, your dress may require restoration – a process in which the gown is treated to reduce or remove the oxidation, stains, and other negative effects. However, restoration cannot restore the integrity of your dress and cannot restore any fabric loss.

The cost of a restoration is significantly greater, as it takes much more care and treatment. Additionally, a restoration is simply the treatment of the gown and does not prevent the gown from future damage. Because of this, you typically need a restoration AND preservation.

Take the Preventative Measure. Call Pinstripes Cleaning & Restoration.

Our certified cleaning experts can preserve and restore your wedding dress and veil. We are members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists and guarantee all of our work.

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