4 Things Brides Forget to Plan

4 Things Brides Forget to Plan

Brides have to think of everything – the cake, the flowers, the invitations. But what about the things they forget to plan for? Here are 4 things that you should plan to do before your big day.

#1. Take Bridal Portraits

Unlike everything else on your wedding day, bridal portraits give you something extremely valuable – time. After your gown is tailored, reach out to your photographer and schedule a bridal portrait session. Take time to feel beautiful before your big day. Explore local gardens, railroad tracks, or even make an early visit to your wedding site.

#2. Schedule Your Gown Cleaning & Steaming

Whether from you’ve spent extra time with the tailor or wandered around getting the perfect portrait, you’re going to need to have your gown cleaned before the big day. You don’t want your family and friends to see anything but white when you’re walking down the aisle.

#3. Bring Your Wedding Certificate

It’s kind of a big deal. Your pastor, priest, or whomever else is conducting the ceremony will legally sign off with your witnesses to officially document your marriage. Although this can be done retroactively, it doesn’t have nearly the impact later.

#4. Don’t Forget the Gift for Your Fiancé

We get it. It’s a big day. It can be easy to get mixed up in the shuffle, but at some point, you may want to reaffirm your affection to your beloved. This tradition started years ago, but can really help in the mix of a wedding to remind your fiancé why you are marrying them. Even a small gift can become a cherished keepsake with this in mind.

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