Before & After


This 30 year old wedding dress was heavily soiled with sugar stains throughout the beautifully embroidered bodice and satin trane. Pinstripes was able to restore the gown to a timeless heirloom both mother and daughter could love. Let us restore your vintage gown to it’s original beauty. Schedule a Pickup →

This yellowed veil had been found in an attic stuffed in a plastic bag after 80 years. Pinstripes restored both the toole and lace for a bride 3 generations later. A true family treasure! If you have a gown or veil you love, call us at 1 (877) 874-7377 for a free consultation. You may be sitting on a treasure of your own.




The bustles on this lace bridal gown failed, leaving the trane to drag through the mud and dirt during a rainy outdoor reception. Pinstripes meticulously cleaned, repaired and preserved the brides gown, allowing her to preview the clean wedding dress before it was boxed. How else would she know how beautifully it turned out?



Before and After photos of a gowns recently cleaned at Pinstripes Bridal: