What Is the Difference Between Silk and Polyester?

What Is the Difference Between Silk and Polyester?

When contemplating which wedding dress to purchase, you may want to consider the type of fabric you want to wear. Will you don a silk garment? Or will it be a polyester princess dress? We discuss the differences between these two types in our blog below.

Silk Is Made By Silkworms. Polyester Is Manmade.

Silk fabric is woven together with the fibers created by silkworms. This process, called sericulture, takes time and experts to process and weave the delicate fiber. Because of this meticulous preparation, the fabric is typically more expensive. As it is an organic fiber, many brides find it better for their sensitive skin.

Polyester fabric is woven together with manmade, synthetic fiber. This means it costs less to create and therefore is less expensive for you. Additionally, this fabric type has more give and flexibility and can handle larger and bolder style choices, such as larger skirts or blingy-beads (you go, girl.)

Silk Is a Hollow Fiber. Polyester Is a Solid Fiber.

Think of the open end of cut flowers- when you place them in water, they suck up the nutrients to stay alive, but even when you remove them from the vase, they retain the water they’ve already consumed. This is similar to silk fabric.

Silk is a hollow fiber. This means any and all stains the dress “sucks up” typically like to stay there. Additionally, it means the dress cannot be treated with water (the dress would simply suck up the water, too, and spread the stain throughout more fibers.) Silk dresses require more treatment and care, which is why cleanings and preservations are more expensive than their polyester counterparts.

As polyester is a synthetic material, and typically petroleum-based, it is completely solid fiber. Imagine tile floors: cake, wine, or dirt simply sit on the top. Sure, it might take some extra elbow grease or expert care to get rid of, but since the stain can be treated with water, it is typically easier to clean or preserve than silks.

Bonus: What About Satin?

Satin is actually a weave. Just like chiffon or taffeta, satin is a descriptor of the way the fibers are weaved together; you can actually have silk satin or polyester satin.

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