3 Hot Tips for the DIY Bride

3 Hot Tips for the DIY Bride

Weddings are completely unique, just like the couples they are for. Because of this, DIY bridal planning is all the rage. To help you with your big day, we’ve got 3 hot tips for the ultimate DIY bride.

1.    Create a Vision Board

Having a central hub of wedding inspiration makes it that much easier to keep everything on track and cohesive. Plus, it makes it easy for your hubby-to-be to give his input on your big day. There are a number of vision board sites, but we recommend Pinterest.

2.    Bargain Hunt for the Big Items

Finding the biggest items first help nail down your budget. If you are able to bargain hunt and get a steal on one of those items, say a gown or a venue, you can put your extra funds towards other expenditures. An heirloom gown could mean getting those antique place settings you love.

       3. Spread Out the Odd Jobs

Planning your own wedding can get overwhelming fast. Don’t be afraid to divvy out jobs between bridesmaids, groomsmen and friends. Start early, and do a little bit every day. Doing this will help you stay stress free during your big day.


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