Top 3 Things That Stain Your Wedding Dress

Top 3 Things That Stain Your Wedding Dress

Top 3 Things That Stain Your Wedding Dress

Weddings are supposed to be fun and celebratory, which is how many dresses end up completely “wrecked” after the fact. Before you walk down the aisle this fall, take a look at the top 3 things that can stain your wedding gown.

1.    Self-Tanner

Unfortunately, living in Texas doesn’t mean you’ll have the perfect tan for your wedding day. Although you might be able to achieve that sun kissed glow with help from a lotion, consider other options. Self-tanner is an oil-based option. Combined with your sweat as you dance the night away, it easily glistens and glides off of your skin and onto your beautiful gown.

2.    Cake and Wine

We get it – the groom may deserve the “cake in the face” trick, but it might be a good idea to plan it ahead: especially if the cake is chocolate, raspberry, or anything other than vanilla.

Cake, wine, and other colorful foods not only contain dyes that cling to your gown, but they also contain large amounts of sugar. While you may not immediately see the impact of a white wine spill, the sugar in it will yellow and brown over time and begin to eat away the dress. Without proper cleaning or restoration, you might find your gown with a hole or two a few years from now.

3.    Plain Ol’ Dirt

Bustle or no bustle, you and your gown will be a dirt and mud collecting team for the entirety of your wedding. By the end of the evening, your gown will have collected a variety of dirt, dust, and food particles. All of these can and will create pesky stains. If any part of your wedding is outside, these stains are intensely worse. Don’t let that keep you from dancing, though – we’ve got you covered.

At Pinstripes Cleaning and Restoration, we’ve practically seen it all. From smoke bombs, bubble gum, and even cat pee (don’t ask), we’ve found a lot of things can stain a wedding dress. Fortunately, as wedding gown specialists, we’ve restored hundreds of gowns to their natural beauty.

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