Bridal Gown Cleaning after Spring Weddings

Bridal Gown Cleaning after Spring Weddings

Fort Worth/Arlington TX Bridal Guide for 2024: Clean those gowns ASAP!

When it comes to proper planning for your 2024 or 2025 North Texas wedding, you’ve probably covered the ABC’s of guests, food, and venue. So now, it’s time to think about the intangibles, i.e. those things that seem budgetarily superfluous until you’re weeks out and scrambling to include them! 

With all the prep that goes into your wedding day, what preparation are you taking for what comes after, especially in terms of keepsakes? Sure, you have wedding bands and a photographer, but what about your gown?

Brides all across Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Frisco, Allen, Plano, and Richland Hills have realized the importance of dress cleaning by local professionals, and hopefully you have too. Read on for Pinstripes Bridal’s intro to Fort Worth and Dallas professional wedding gown cleaning, then give us a call at 877-874-7377. 

Wedding Gown Cleaning in Westover Hills, Westlake Village, Ridglea, and Highland Park

There are any number of benefits to having your wedding dress professionally cleaned after your ceremony, including but not limited to: being able to pass it down to the next generation, being able to re-sell your dress, or being able to donate it. However, have you considered the value gained in pure peace of mind?

When you know your gown will be professionally cleaned within a week of your ceremony, ensuring stains and tears aren’t allowed to gain permanence in storage, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself! That goes for cake cutting, beach photography, and of course, the dance floor. 

TheKnot and WeddingWire have awarded Pinstripes Bridal of Fort Worth and Dallas multiple times over thanks to our convenient and expert dress cleaning process, which yes, is one of the only accredited in the area by the AWGCS. When you clean with Pinstripes, you know that the worst of visible stains, invisible stains, and snags or rips will be taken care of for years to come.  

But wait, there’s more! Bridal Gown cleaning with door-to-door service across D/FW

Working with Pinstripes Bridal means getting the most convenient pickup and dropoff service around, which most gown cleaners don’t offer at all. What can be easier than returning home to Benbrook, Lake Worth, Southlake, or University Park and handing off your gown within hours? 

Our cleaning process is easy and transparent, including a free initial consultation and quote, not to mention aforementioned stain removal, damage repair, and final inspection. In addition to Dallas/FW gown cleaning, Pinstripes offers preservations with MuseumCare™ technology, allowing future generations to potentially inherit a gown without fearing changes to shape, size, or quality. 

Call Pinstripes Bridal of Fort Worth today for the very best in local wedding dress cleaning, and call us soon! Make sure to lock down that day on your schedule as soon as the honeymoon wraps up or the wedding bells have rung. Call us today and get started at 877-874-7377.