Certified Wedding Gown Specialists

Certified Wedding Gown Specialists

WeddingWire and TheKnot agree: Cleaning your wedding dress with a Fort Worth pro

Dallas, Arlington, Frisco, and Fort Worth have so many wonderful venues for the summer wedding of your dreams. When the ceremony is over, though, will your pristine white gown be ready for the dancing, food, and champagne? Even more importantly, are you (or your bride) going to be able to relax knowing that gown stains and damage are not only likely, but pretty much guaranteed? 

Don’t spend your wedding day worrying! Instead, know that you have a plan in place to address wedding gown cleaning in Dallas/Ft. Worth. 

Whether it’s Allen, Plano, Highland Park, Southlake, or somewhere in Tarrant County, Pinstripes Bridal (and other pros like us) lead the industry of wedding gown cleaners. When you need your bridal gown de-stained anywhere near TCU, Ridglea, White Settlement, or Rivercrest, you may be wondering when and how to start that process.

Pinstripes is here to help, and that means offering free consultations, door-to-door service, and so much more for our North Texas brides. Don’t spend twice or thrice as much on DIY materials when you can go with the affordable and straightforward pros at Pinstripes. 

How to start when it comes to cleaning or professional stain removal for a wedding gown

When it comes to Fort Worth professional wedding dress cleaners, just how much magic can they make happen? When a pro is certified by the Association of Wedding Gown Care Specialists like Pinstripes, that means:

-Removal of invisible stains that can be caused by alcohols, sugars, or candle wax.

-Damage to your dress, even the most delicate parts like lacing or beads.

-Deep cleaning for visible stains from coffee or cake. 

If you’ve had any of these issues befall your gown (or if you plan to party hard and want to prepare in advance), call your preferred cleaner stat! At Pinstripes, we can schedule your pickup and drop off as close to your wedding day or honeymoon return date as possible. 

The Pinstripes Difference: Certification, Delivery, and Affordable Cleaning Rates

After your rings and wedding pictures, how will you commemorate your big day? If you’ve considered the importance of generational keepsakes, you’ll know how critical it is to have a gown that your daughter or granddaughter may wear. 

Wedding dress cleaners are all over Garland, Alliance, Grand Prairie, Burleson, and Denton, but when it comes to Pinstripes’ level of care and experience, we’re one-of-a-kind. In addition to our AWGCS Certification, Pinstripes Bridal specializes in MuseumCare™ technology, which allows you to further preserve just about any gown after it’s used. 

Call Pinstripes Bridal at (877) 874-7377 and schedule your dress pickup today!